Woody Woodpecker 2017

The hyperactive red-headed bird enters a turf war with a big city lawyer wanting to tear down his home in an effort to build a house to flip.

Woodpeckers 2017

Julián finds love and a reason for living in the last place imaginable: the Dominican Republic's Najayo Prison. His romance, with fellow prisoner Yanelly, must develop through sign language and without the knowledge of dozens of guards.

Woody Woodpecker 1941

Woody Woodpecker spends his day singing loudly and pecking holes in trees. He infuriates the other woodland creatures - when he isn't baffling them with his bizarre behavior. Woody overhears a squirrel and a group of birds gossiping about him. Even though he just sang a song proclaiming his craziness, he denies their whispered accusations that he's nuts. But after they trick him into knocking his head on a statue, the poor bird hears voices in his head and decides the animals might be right. He decides to see a doctor. But leave it to Woody to choose Dr. Horace N. Buggy, a Scottish-brogue-burring fox, who is, if it's impossible, even madder than he is.

Woodpecker 2008

Fanatical birdwatchers have descended upon a small town in the Arkansas bayou in hopes of finding the celebrated Ivory Billed Woodpecker. Declared extinct in the 1940’s, the bird has apparently been spotted by numerous experts. Enter amateur birder and poet Johnny Neander, who has convinced his taciturn sidekick that he will be the one to find the elusive woodpecker. The ensuing chaos divides the small town between believers and non-believers, rabid environmentalists and opportunistic entrepreneurs. Much like the bird itself, Woodpecker explores the intersection of fact and fiction, manipulating our notions of documentary and narrative techniques within a tragic comedy about hope, perception, and some very very strange birds.

The Russian Woodpecker 2015

As his country is gripped by revolution and war, a Ukrainian victim of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster discovers a dark secret and must decide whether to risk his life and play his part in the revolution by revealing it.

Woody Woodpecker and Friends 1982

A compilation of ten classic Walter Lantz cartoons: Knock Knock (1940), The Bandmaster (1947), Ski for Two (1944), Hot Noon or 12 O'Clock for Surf (1953), The Legend of Rockabye Point (1955), Wet Blanket Policy (1948), To Catch a Woodpecker (1957), Musical Moments from Chopin (1946), Bats in the Belfry (1960), and Crazy Mixed Up Pup (1955). Also includes the interesting documentary short on Walter Lantz's career "Walter, Woody and the World of Animation". Note: This is NOT the 2007 and 2008 DVD collections titled "The Woody Woodpecker and Friends Classic Cartoon Collection" shown as the cover image.

Woody Woodpecker Favorites

From the Walter Lantz archives comes this charming and nostalgia-inducing collection of Woody Woodpecker cartoons. With 15 hilarious shorts and two episodes of THE WOODY WOODPECKER SHOW, this set offers the very best in screwball animation and includes appearances by the classic characters Chilly Willy and Andy Panda.

Woodpecker from Mars 1956

Woody Woodpecker is a guest at a television show and walks off with a space helmet and a space gun as souvenirs. He pretends to be a man from Mars, and is believed to the extent that he is caught and sent to an atomic laboratory for testing, which convinces the scientists he does belong on Mars. They send him to Mars on a rocket-ship and, once there, the Martians are convinced he is a crazy alien from Earth, and start testing him in their laboratories.

Woodpecker in the Moon 1959

The local rocket society is looking for a new volunteer to blast to the moon, the only other person having been sent there being Professor Dingledong who has not returned thus far. They decide to send mailman Woody Woodpecker who, upon landing on the moon's surface, encounters the aforementioned Dingledong who demands possession of Woody's rocket so that he may return to Earth. After many a tussle, Woody and Dingledong are both returned to Earth's atmosphere whereupon Dingledong takes revenge on the rocket society chairman by blasting *him* into space!

The Woody Woodpecker Show 1940

The Woody Woodpecker Show is a long-running 30-minute American television series mainly composed of the animated cartoon escapades of Woody Woodpecker and other Walter Lantz characters including Andy Panda, Chilly Willy, and Inspector Willoughby released by Walter Lantz Productions. The series was revived and reformatted several times, but has remained popular for nearly four decades and allowed the studio to continue making theatrical cartoons until 1972 when it shut down. It also kept the Walter Lantz/Universal "cartunes" made during the Golden Age of American animation a part of the American consciousness. The Woody Woodpecker Show was named the 88th best animated series by IGN.

The New Woody Woodpecker Show 1999

The New Woody Woodpecker Show is an animated television series based on the original cartoon by Walter Lantz, produced by Universal Cartoon Studios and aired from 1999 until 2002 on Fox Kids and BBC. It is an updated version of The Woody Woodpecker Show with characters from the classic series and a few new ones appearing in their own segments.

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