That Championship Season 1982

It started as a friendly meeting between 4 old buddies with their basketball coach and ended up in revealing the truth about their relationship. The meeting forces the five men to reveal their true identity, to be honest with each other for the first time in their lives. When the night comes to an end they decide to go back to the old glorious days and reunite into the team which won that championship season, back in 1957.

Vampire Expert Season 1 1995

Following the popularity of various Chinese vampire films in the 1980s, Hong Kong television network ATV World made plans to create a similar television series starring Lam Ching-ying, who was a familiar face in the genre and often typecast. Lam signed on to the film for HK$1 million, and filming started in early 1996.

Off Season 2009

A man and his dog traverse a cold, barren climate and discover some disturbing things along the way.

Season of the Horse 2005

Under the encouragement of the Chinese government, the traditional way of life of the nomads of the Mongolian plains change. Once a culture with a great emphasis on raising horses on the grassy plains, they are encouraged to move into the cities to work as industrial workers. However, one family tries to resist this change, trying to raise money to send their child to school by selling yogurt. Unfortunately, this is hardly sufficient and they are forced to sell their beloved horses.

Season In the Sun 2003

Father KIM and Hyung-woo, a sixth-grader, travel together to the quiet village of Boriwool. Kim is going there to start his priesthood as pastor of Boriwool Church, Hyung-woo to see his dad Woon-ahm, who left his family six years ago to become a Buddhist monk. Hyung-woo feels awkward with his dad and becomes bored with living in the country. Father Kim also finds some of his flock quite antagonistic to him. Meanwhile, the village kids coached by Woon-ahm play the church orphans in a soccer match. After the orphans are beaten soundly, Father Kim begins coaching them...

Season of Love 1969

Pinky and Yoko are about to graduate. Full of hope and uncertainties they embark on a tale of temptation.

Starmyu 2nd Season Special

Upon the broadcast of Starmyu 2nd Season's final episode on Tuesday, it was announced that it will get a special episode airing on June 27. It will be airing a 27-minute duration of the musical parts.

The Season of Love 1986

The action of the movie take place in a factory and presents the conflicts between one engenieer and some young worksers .

In every season 1980

Zana and Bardhyl are two students in love with each other. Through the spiritual ups and downs of this love the film reveals their dreams and desires, likes and dislikes. With these characters more or less of the same age, which have their differences, the film delineates the portrait of the student youth.

Off Season 2001

After the death of his parents, 10-year-old Jackson Mayhew moves in with his Aunt. But when he befriends an elderly man, he begins to suspect that the old man is actually Santa Claus.

Cold Season

Cold Season is an independent modern day musical that follows an up-and- coming musician, who upon selling her bed frame to an immobilized stranger on Christmas Eve, decides to spend the night helping him build it. Together they are forced to confront secrets of their past and present while connecting through music.

Halloween Season 2010

A non-canon, atmospheric look at the stylistic world of Haddonfield and it's most evil resident- Michael Myers. One of the world's most famous and deadliest slashers to ever exist, Michael can best be classified as a thrill killer: A predator who finds excitement in the art of hunting and stalking prey. And in an effort to recapture that defining moment of his life, Michael attempts to recreate his first kill, the slaying of his sister Judith, with an unsuspecting new victim.

Oblivion Season 2014

An ex-prostitute starts a new life by marrying her loved one but leaving the shadow of her dark past is not as easy as it seemed before. Now she is the prisoner of her loved one and to earn her freedom she should fight with the with the masculine society.

Changing Season 2015

Venture out to the Masumoto Farm – eighty acres of prime, peach-growing orchards – where seven varieties of the sweet juicy fruit are cultivated to sun-kissed perfection by a dynamic father-and-daughter team of David “Mas” and Nikiko Masumoto. Director Jim Choi succinctly captures this underrepresented facet of the CA farming industry about an Asian American family-run business, three generations strong, which in turn presents us with the changing idea of the American Dream. - See more at:

Tornado Season 2016

Dramatic footage of storms and tornado sightings as they are happening illustrate the power of these destructive twisters. How are meteorologists able to predict the formation of a tornado and warn communities in its path?

Open Season 1996

When the television ratings machines suddenly malfunction, public television suddenly, but mistakenly, soars to #1 in this humorous satire.

The Four Seasons 1984

The Four Seasons is a sitcom, created and produced by Alan Alda and based on his feature film of the same name, that aired on CBS in 1984. The series centers on the friendship among three middle-aged couples.

Baseball's Seasons 2009

Baseball's Seasons is a documentary series on MLB Network. Each episode takes a look at a season in the history of Major League Baseball. It first aired January 7, 2009 in the first week of the network's existence. Like a lot of the network's other original programming, Baseball's Seasons airs during baseball's offseason.

The Seasons

The Seasons was a 389 episode drama series that was shown during Enjoy Yourself Tonight on Hong Kong TV station TVB from 1987 to 1988. The show, being a section of the main program, Enjoy Yourself Tonight, meant that it was only 15 minutes long, a rarity in Hong Kong television drama programs. Another rarity is that each episode ends in the same shot: a flower being tossed into the water.

Seasonal Wonderlands 2016

Set in three of the most seasonally changeable landscapes on Earth this beautiful series reveals the stunning transformations that occur each year and how wildlife copes with them. In Svalbard, follow the transformation from dark, frozen winter to rich tundra, home to birds, Arctic foxes, polar bears, walrus and reindeer. In the Okavango Delta, the film reveals how the yearly flood not only transforms the landscape and impacts the lives of the animals that live here, but also actually creates this extraordinary delta in the first place. And in New England, as the vivid greens of summer give way to the blazing reds of the fall, this film reveals how the trees work hand in hand with the forest's inhabitants to create this a vibrant fiesta.

Atlanta 2016

Two cousins, with different views on art versus commerce, on their way up through the Atlanta rap scene; Earnest 'Earn' Marks, an ambitious college dropout and his estranged cousin, who suddenly becomes a star.

Privileged 2008

Megan Smith, a smart and quirky young assistant at a glossy magazine, is fired when her Yale education proves detrimental to getting ahead in the world of tabloid journalism. Her boss takes pity on her and arranges an interview with the wealthy Laurel Limoges to be a live-in tutor for her twin teen granddaughters. The beautiful and rebellious twins are less-than-thrilled with their new tutor, but Megan is determined to win them over as she enjoys the perks of her new job - breathtaking private suite, gorgeous car and live-in chef.

Cardinal 2017

Detective John Cardinal attempts to uncover the mystery of what happened to the missing 13-year-old girl whose body is discovered in the shaft-head of an abandoned mine. At the same time, he comes under investigation by his new partner, Lise Delorme, a tough investigator in her own right.

The Royle Family 1998

British comedy series focusing on the lives of a working-class family in Manchester who love the TV.

Wonderful Days 2014

Dong-Suk grew up as a smart young boy, but came from a poor family background. He is now a successful prosecutor and comes back to his hometown for the first time in 14 years. There, he happens to meet his first love Hae-Won and falls in love with her all over again.

Earth's Greatest Spectacles 2016

Set in three of the most seasonally changeable landscapes on earth - Svalbard, Okavango and New England - this series showcases the stunning transformations that occur each year, revealing the unique processes behind them and showing how wildlife has adapted to cope with the changes.

Digimon Tamers 2002

Digimon Tamers, known outside of Japan as the third season of Digimon: Digital Monsters, is the third television anime series produced by Toei Animation based on the Japanese Digimon franchise. Unlike the previous seasons, Digimon Adventure and Digimon Adventure 02, Tamers takes place in a different universe, mostly taking place in the real world and revolving heavily around the collectible card game based on the series. This series is also known for its darker undertones in story plots, taking darker routes than in previous series', but in the English dub, like the previous series, this feature more jokes and added dialogue than the Japanese version. Tamers aired in Japan between April 1, 2001 and March 31, 2002, whilst an English-language version by Saban Entertainment aired in North America between September 1, 2001 to June 8, 2002. A manga adaptation by Yuen Wong Yu ran between April and October 2004. It was succeeded by Digimon Frontier.

Silver Spoon 2013

Yuugo Hachiken enrolled in Ooezo Agricultural High School for the reason that he could live in a dorm there. In some ways he chose Ooezo in an effort to escape the highly competitive prep schools he had attended previously, but he was faced with an entirely new set of difficulties at Oezo, surrounded by animals and Mother Nature. After growing up in an average family, he began to encounter clubs and training the likes of which he had never seen before.

Forensic Heroes 2006

Forensic Heroes is a TVB modern suspense series broadcast in June 2006 and the first installment of the Forensic Heroes series. A direct sequel, Forensic Heroes II was produced and broadcast in 2008 continued with the same cast, alongside Kevin Cheng and Charmaine Sheh. Forensic Heroes III was broadcast in October in 2011. The artors and actresses are totally different from the former two TV plays. It has achieved a great success and won the highest audience rating among all plays.

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