The Adventurers 2017

The world's top thieves join forces to pull off the heist of a lifetime. But when they find themselves pursued across Europe by a legendary French detective, they'll have to take their game to the next level.

The Adventurers 1970

The wealthy playboy son of an assassinated South American diplomat discovers that his father was really murdered on orders of the corrupt president of the country--a man who was his father's friend and who, in fact, his father had helped put into power. He returns from living a jet-set life in Europe to lead a revolution against the government, only to find out that things aren't quite as black and white as he had assumed

Fortune in Diamonds 1951

As the Boer War ends a South African soldier hides a cache of diamonds he finds on a body. He returns to the town he left three years earlier where his girl has married a disgraced English officer. Needing funds to get back to pick up the diamonds the Boer enlists the help of a fellow soldier as well as the Englishman and a local hotel keeper. This ill-assorted bunch set off into the bush intent on finding their fortune.

The Adventurers 2014

Katya and her fiancé Andrey - successful young banker fly to Malta on holiday. At the diving center they accidentally meet Max - professional diver, secretly engaged in black archaeology and Katya's ex boyfriend so the adventures start...

The Adventurers 1995

Andy was a child when his parents murdered by a double agent in Cambodia, Ray Lui. Andy was raised by his dad's best friend. When he grew up, he became a pilot while Ray powerful and rich. Knowing the only link of Ray is his daughter. While pretending a criminal boss to impress Ray and getting closer to his daughter, he fell in love with his daughter and married her. Solid actioner by Ringo Lam with Andy Lau, Wu Chien-lien, Paul Chun Pui and Rosamund Kwan. Shot in the Philippines, Hong Kong, and San Francisco.

The Great Adventurers: Robert Falcon Scott

Part of the documentary series looking at some of the world's greatest explorers and adventurers. This volume looks at the heroic - and tragic - story of Scott of the Antarctic. In a race to be the first to reach the South Pole, Scott and his team faced appalling dangers and hardships, in a quest which was to cost him his life. With commentary from Sir Ranulph Fiennes, archive photographs, reconstructions and expert analysis.

Great Adventurers: Christopher Columbus and the New World 1999

Christopher Columbus survived battles with Tunisian galleys, shipwrecks, imprisonment and illness during his remarkable expeditions. Columbus eventually set foot for the first times in the West Indies and on the South American mainland: this is his story of victory against the odds.

Great Adventurers: Ernest Shackleton: To the End of the Earth 1999

In 1914, British explorer Ernest Shackleton set out to lead the first expedition across the last unknown continent: Antarctica. Using historical records, photos and rare film footage, this documentary tells the story of that arduous journey. After their ship became locked in ice, Shackleton and his men escaped death by walking across 600 miles of unstable ice floes, then journeyed another 850 miles through rough waters in a small open boat.

The Greatest Journeys on Earth: California - Journeys of the Adventurers 2007

Although it's a less exotic stop on the Greatest Journeys on Earth tour than, say, South Africa or Peru, this virtual trip to California yields some of the most beautiful scenery in the world -- from mountains to palm trees and everything in between. Highlights include a look at the star-studded streets of Hollywood's rich and famous, a virtual "dip" along California's Pacific coastline and a brief history of exploration in the state.

Great Adventurers: Sir Francis Drake - Voyage Around the World

This is the story of the sea-faring privateer and adventurer whose name has become synonymous with one of English history's most celebrated episodes -the defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588. Drake was the first Englishman to see the Pacific Ocean and the first to circumnavigate the world.

Digimon Tamers: Battle of Adventurers 2001

Omnimon confronts Mephistomon (who was formed from Apocalymon's data) in a dark corner of the Digital World over Mephistomon's attempt to destroy both the Digital World and the Real World and incorporate the data in order to become truly invincible. They fight, but then Mephistomon sees a chance and slips into the Real World.

The Adventurer's

The Adventurer's is a TVB television series, premiered in 1980. Theme song "The Adventurer's", and the sub theme song "The Sentimental Debts" composition and arrangement by Joseph Koo, lyricist by Wong Jim, sung by Jenny Tseng.

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