House 2004

Dr. Gregory House, a drug-addicted, unconventional, misanthropic medical genius, leads a team of diagnosticians at the fictional Princeton–Plainsboro Teaching Hospital in New Jersey.

Full House 1987

Full House is an American sitcom television series. Set in San Francisco, the show chronicles widowed father Danny Tanner, who, after the death of his wife Pam, enlists his best friend Joey Gladstone and his brother-in-law Jesse Katsopolis to help raise his three daughters, D.J., Stephanie, and Michelle.

Safe House 2015

Former police officer Robert and his wife Katy left city life behind them after Robert was injured, whilst trying to protect a witness in his care. The witness, Susan Reynolds was fatally shot. Robert has been struggling with the guilt he feels over the death of Susan. In a bid to put the past behind them, Robert and Katy now run a guest house, hidden away in the idyllic Lake District. A surprise visitor turns up, DCI Mark Maxwell, an ex-colleague and old friend. He suggests that the guest house is perfectly positioned to operate as a safe house, Robert is tempted but will Katy agree?

House of Cards 2013

Set in present day Washington, D.C., House of Cards is the story of Frank Underwood, a ruthless and cunning politician, and his wife Claire who will stop at nothing to conquer everything. This wicked political drama penetrates the shadowy world of greed, sex and corruption in modern D.C. House of Cards is an adaptation of a previous BBC miniseries of the same name, which is based on the novel by Michael Dobbs.

My House 2018

Take a look into the world of New York's queer vogue ballroom scene. Follow the lives of 4 fabulous voguers and 1 incredible commentator as they prepare to compete, face personal challenges and strive to take their lives to the next level.

House Rules 2013

The Australia-wide competition following six state-based couples who renovate each others homes to receive the highest scores with the winner having their mortgage paid off.

Fuller House 2016

D.J. Tanner-Fuller is a widow and mother of three. Things become too much to handle, so she asks for help from her sister Stephanie and her best-friend Kimmy.

Playing House 2014

A single-camera buddy comedy about what happens when two best friends come back together, just when they need each other most. Inspired by the ultra-close friendship between the series' creators and stars, "Playing House" centers on mother to-be Maggie who asks her single and career-driven best friend Emma to return home from her job overseas to attend her baby shower, having no idea what’s truly in store.

Crooked House 2008

Crooked House is a supernatural drama mini-series which aired on BBC Four in December 2008. It was written and co-produced by actor and writer Mark Gatiss, who found fame in the BBC series The League of Gentlemen. The three linked episodes form an anthology story, influenced by the writings of M. R. James and Amicus horror movies, and a Māori death-mask belonging to Gatiss. They concern the ghostly secrets of fictional Geap Manor, a recently demolished Tudor mansion.

House Husbands 2012

House Husbands centres around four families with one thing in common, the husbands stay home to raise the children. Firass Dirani plays a fallen AFL hero, struggling with the burden of family life. In the midst of losing the ability to see his two twin boys (primary school age) and his eight month daughter, he is offered a contract to play football again in Perth. He rejects the offer made by his former manager (who is in a relationship with his ex wife)

Alpha House 2013

Four Republican senators share the same D.C. house rental, and face re-election battles, looming indictments, and parties -- all with a sense of humor.

Rich House, Poor House 2017

Families from opposite ends of the wealth and class divide are given the chance to spend seven days in their counterparts' shoes.

This Old House 1979

TV's original home-improvement show, following one whole-house renovation over several episodes.

Bluebird's House 2015

A drama that tells the story of strong bond between the members of a family even though they are not blood-related. This drama also portrays the hope of parents toward their children's success and how difficult for fresh university graduates to get respectable and well-paid jobs.

Bleak House 2005

Bleak House is a fifteen-part BBC television drama serial adaptation of Charles Dickens' novel Bleak House, which was originally published in 1852–53. Produced with an all-star cast, the serial was shown on BBC One from October to December 2005, and drew much critical and popular praise. It has been reported that the total cost of the production was in the region of £8 million.

House of Lies 2012

Charming, fast talking Marty Kaan and his crack team of management consultants know how to play the corporate game better than anyone, by using every dirty trick in the book to woo powerful CEOs and close huge deals. In the board rooms, barrooms, and bedrooms of the power elite, corruption is business as usual and everyone's out for themselves first. Nothing is sacred in this scathing, irreverent satire of corporate America today.

Little House on the Prairie 1974

Little House on the Prairie is an American Western drama television series, starring Michael Landon, Melissa Gilbert, and Karen Grassle, about a family living on a farm in Walnut Grove, Minnesota, in the 1870s and 1880s.

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