Sharknado: Feeding Frenzy 2015

What began as another Syfy creature feature has now become an important piece of pop culture - poised to take over the entire world.

Feeding the Doves 1896

A woman and a young girl each carry containers of bird feed, and they toss occasional handfuls to the chickens and doves in the farmyard. Most of the chickens stay nearby, but the doves occasionally fly off and then return to eat more.

Feeding the Masses 2004

A darkly satiric horror film that takes an acid look at the current state of the news media while a mysterious plague is bringing the dead back to life. A small group of news reporters and their military escort set out to tell the truth about what's happening in the world, despite the government's efforts to take control of the media.

Fat Girls and Feeders 2003

A look at the sub-culture of "feeders" - men who are continue feed large women to encourage them to gain more weight to the point where the women become immobile and risk their lives. Featuring interviews with both the male feeders and the women they feed.

Feeding Sea Gulls 1898

Seagulls flock around a moving ferryboat in San Francisco Bay in this 2-shot short film.

Sitting Feeding Sleeping 2013

"I shot Sitting Feeding Sleeping in a cryogenics lab, where nitrogen-pumped bodies circulate their own blood. In a robotics perception lab, where machines read human emotion. And in zoos, where animals live extended lives emptied of sexual, social, survival cues. I used these three spaces as prosthetics for understanding deathfullness­­ — being alive, feeling dead."

Feeding the Brain 2010

Naturopaths explore alternative ways to combat mental illness using nutrition in this documentary short.

Jimi Hendrix: Feedback 2005

This new and revealing programme provides an incredibly detailed account of how Jimi Hendrix, a legendary guitarist touched by genius, lived his life in the high powered world of 60's Rock 'n' Roll.

The Hand That Feeds 2014

Behind the scenes of a popular deli on New York's Upper East Side, undocumented immigrant workers face sublegal wages, dangerous machinery, and abusive managers. Mild-mannered sandwich maker Mahoma López has never been interested in politics, but in Jan. 2012, he convinces a small group of his co-workers to fight back. Risking deportation and the loss of livelihood, the workers team up with a diverse crew of innovative young organizers and take the unusual step of forming an independent union, launching themselves on a journey that will test the limits of their resolve. In one rollercoaster year, they must overcome a shocking betrayal and a two month lockout. Lawyers will battle in backroom negotiations, Occupy Wall Street protesters will take over the restaurant, and a picket line will divide the neighborhood. If they can win a contract, it will set a historic precedent for low-wage workers across the country. But whatever happens, Mahoma and his compañeros won't be exploited again.

The Hand That Feeds You 2016

a restaurant owner, Raul, gets tangled up into the Mexican underworld; as mob boss, Marcos, forces Raul to be a kidnapper for human trafficking by holding his niece, Margarita, hostage. Raul tries to wrestle the good and evil within himself, as he tries to save his niece and overcome the horrors of working for the Mexican mob.

Monks - The Transatlantic Feedback 2008

The monks were 5 American GIs in cold war Germany who billed themselves as the anti-Beatles; they were heavy on feedback, nihilism and electrical banjo. They had strange haircuts, dressed in black, mocked the military and rocked harder than any of their mid-sixties counterparts while managing to basically invent industrial, kraut rock, heavy metal, punk and techno music.

Dark Rose: Feedin' & Breedin' 1998

Rose LeNoire is trying to hide her own dark secret as she and her companion, Jonathan Canus, hunt the vampire clan that killed her family. The two find themselves at a NYC college racing to kill the vampires before they can breed and increase their numbers.

Care and Feeding of a Mermaid 2016

This film shows a young woman training to perform as a mermaid at Weeki Wachee, a Florida water park founded by Newton Perry (1908–87) after World War II. To differentiate Weeki Wachee from other roadside attractions, Perry trained young women to stay underwater for long periods of time using his own innovative underwater tubing system for breathing. The swimmers performed underwater maneuvers and ballet. Perry advertised the mermaids of Weeki Wachee, which by the 1950s was one of the most popular attractions in the United States.

Kenny the Shark: Vol. 1: Feeding Frenzy

Kenny isn't your usual tiger shark. In fact, he'd rather live on land than in the ocean. As luck would have it, 10-year-old Kat loves undersea creatures, and she takes Kenny in as her new pet. This compilation features three fun-filled episodes of Kenny's adventures with his adoptive family. Produced for the Discovery Kids network, this animated series takes the idea of being a fish out of water literally!

Behaving Badly 2014

Teenager Rick Stevens is willing to do whatever it takes to win the heart of Nina Pennington. He'll have to deal with his best friend's horny mom, a drug abusing boss and even the mob if he ever hopes to land the girl of his dreams. Love is never easy!

The Maggot Feeder 2012

A man decides to kill his wife because she can’t have children. He builds a stone house on the seashore and starts to grow maggots in it. When the maggots are as thick as a wrist, he invites his wife for a walk on the beach… The Maggot Feeder is an ancient Chukchi folk tale. It takes us on a journey to the darkest alleys of the human mind.

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