Snake Feed 1997

Snake Feed is a glimpse into the lives of Irene and Rick, two people struggling with life-long addiction and marginal employment. The film follows a day in their lives at a time when Rick is dealing in the small-time pill trade and Irene is intent on rebuilding her life. In the course of the story, Rick betrays Irene's trust, which causes her to take action on behalf of herself and her children. The setting, a small town in upstate New York, is woven into the film through the inclusion of details of daily life.

Chicken Feed 1927

Chicken Feed is a 1927 American short silent comedy film directed by Robert A. McGowan. It was the 66th Our Gang short subject released. The kids go to a magic show and decides to try a little magic of their own.

Feed the Devil 2015

A hunt for easy money turns into a deadly search for a missing loved one as outsiders confront the evil forces behind a native American myth.

Feed The Fish 2009

Follows the journey of Joe Peterson, a burned out children's book writer who's approaching a midlife crisis.

Feed Your Head 2010

What causes mental illness? Do our thoughts, moods, and behaviours depend upon what we eat? Psychiatrists Abram Hoffer and Humphry Osmond met in Saskatchewan in 1951. They set out to prove that the symptoms of schizophrenia could be controlled with healthy, unprocessed food and large doses of vitamins. 60 years later, it looks like they may have been right.

Feed Your Head

A young boy takes some kind of mushroom and his mind starts moving low.

Feed 'em and Weep 1938

It's Mr. Hood's birthday, and he has been eagerly anticipating a quiet dinner at home with his family. Alas, Darla has invited a "few friends" to the celebration: Alfalfa, Porky, and Philip. The well-meaning trio drive poor Mr. Hood to distraction with loud and interminable choruses of "Happy Birthday, Mr. Hood", but this is nothing compared to the presents they've brought: a frog, a duck, and a cat, all of which get into a noisy confrontation with the family dog. When the kids aren't arguing over their favorite comic-strip characters, they're busily devouring Mr. Hood's birthday dinner; the poor fellow doesn't even get a slice of his own cake! That is given to Percy, when he stops in to tell Alfalfa that he needs to come home. Mr. Hood, disgusted over the whole affair, declares he's going out to get a bite to eat, and leaves. So does the Gang, as they resume arguing over whether Tarzan or Flash Gordon is the strongest...

Feed Them to the Cannibals! 1993

Originally broadcast on ABC's True Stories in 1993, Feed Them to the Cannibals tells the story of Sydney's Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. It was the first time cameras were allowed at Sleaze Ball and the Mardi Gras Party.

Osiris - Feed the Need 2007

The Osiris team believes skateboarding to be an addiction. We are nourishing the hunger, drive, and urge of all skaters with Feed The Need, a healthy dose of skateboarding. Sit back and relax, then go out and get your fill.

The Grand Tour: Feed the World 2018

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May decide to attempt to end world hunger with an incredible journey across Mozambique. The three notice that people in the coastal regions of this country are well-fed on the bountiful supplies of fish from the ocean, while those in the interior exist on the brink of hunger. Their solution is to find a way to transport that fish inland but, predictably, they cannot agree on the best method to do this. With Clarkson in a Nissan pick-up, May in an old Mercedes 200T, and Hammond on a brand new TVS Star motorcycle, the three invent different methods of food transportation and set off an epic, challenging and extraordinary journey to try and save the world.

Feed Me ! Kids and Nutrition

Obesity, diabetes and other ailments caused by poor nutrition, inadequate exercise habits, and just plain too much food are raising alarmingly in America. Between the ages of 2 and 8, a typical kid with eat thousands of meals, many at fast-food resturants. and watch many more thousands of commericals that portray a number of foodstuffs high in sugar and fat as cool, exciting, and downright irresistible. It's small wonder that one in five is overweight, and that health problems like elevated cholesterol, high blood pressure and Type 2 Diabetes are increasing in kids.

Love 'em and Feed 'em 1927

A pair of gold prospectors (Max Davidson, Oliver Hardy) try to make their way in the big city. *Only reconstructed fragments exists.

Feed Me with Your Words 2012

In order to perfect his research, Robert travels to Italy, where he meets an unusual homeless man. Overwhelmed and confused by the unexpected encounter with that mysterious man, Robert begins to follow him and disappears without a trace...

Feeders 1996

Two friends on a road trip pass through a town where aliens are landing and feeding upon the some of the civilians.

Feedback 2002

Feedback is a techno-thriller that takes place a few years from now. Set in a bleak and desolate world, this is the story of three friends caught up in a streak of bad luck.

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