We want it. We buy it. We eat it. We swallow it down whole. But what does our body see when we stick it in our mouth?

Feeder 2015

A songwriter must decide what lines he's willing to cross when a dark entity starts providing him with inspiration for an ever increasing price.

Night Feeder 1988

A hateful and massively enjoyable shot-on-video darkwave horror blast from the leather-clad armpits of the Bay Area. This gore-scarred, creature-fueled whodunnit culminates in one of the most rewarding slasher reveals in camcorder history, but the journey is every bit as powerful. Especially when the singer of coal-hearted gothpunk combo The Nuns stares directly into the camera and croons: “You SLIT your WRISTS. You fuckin’ BITCH.” A staggering celebration of drugs, fear and new wave rage, Night Feeder was completed at the tail end of San Francisco’s robust post-punk era and was only ever released on PAL-format VHS in Poland. Featuring effects that rival Hollywood’s best gore-monsterwork, it’s a nasal, vicious battle cry and one of the best homemade horror films you’ll ever see, hands down.

Bottom Feeder 2007

A group of utility workers are trapped in a series of tunnels which, unfortunately, contain a scientist mutated by his own creation. The creature feeds instantly on a rat, becoming what it has eaten.

The Maggot Feeder 2012

A man decides to kill his wife because she can’t have children. He builds a stone house on the seashore and starts to grow maggots in it. When the maggots are as thick as a wrist, he invites his wife for a walk on the beach… The Maggot Feeder is an ancient Chukchi folk tale. It takes us on a journey to the darkest alleys of the human mind.

Feeders 1996

Two friends on a road trip pass through a town where aliens are landing and feeding upon the some of the civilians.

Bottom Feeders 2014

Bottom Feeders offers a glimpse into an imagined ecosystem generated from stream of consciousness doodlings. Divided by a barrier of fog, two disparate species fight to adapt and survive in a deliciously unsympathetic world.

criminal minds 1998

Life on the food chain keeps sinking lower after a vicious, inept gang of psychopaths and misfits seriously bungles a high-stakes heist. Now the hapless ex-con who's left holding the bag finds himself the target of not only crooked cops, but also his fellow thieves, an efficient hit man and the scariest redneck clan this side of "Deliverance"!

Fat Girls and Feeders 2003

A look at the sub-culture of "feeders" - men who are continue feed large women to encourage them to gain more weight to the point where the women become immobile and risk their lives. Featuring interviews with both the male feeders and the women they feed.

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