Family Portrait 1992

After laying bare backward village mentalities in Bloody Morning, Li Shaohong turns her attention to China’s urban middle class. Cao is a photographer, married to an opera singer and with an infant son, caught in the usual professional morass of political compromise. His life starts to fall apart when he learns that his ex-wife also bore him a son some months after their divorce – and when the boy turns up looking for his father. Nothing wildly dramatic, just believable people in believable situations. If the ending seems a touch forced, this is nevertheless a sign that ‘Fifth Generation’ cinema is changing and coming to terms with up-to-date realities.

Family portrait 2006

Miha and Alina are two young rastafarians that are different and extravagant. They get married defying the Romanian wedding customs.

Family Portrait

Family Portrait is a short film about a mother taking her son to a photography studio and the tension that ensues when the son realises there is more to the relationship between his mother and the photographer. At its core this film deals with the relationship between a mother and her son and the conflict that can arise when another man attempts to enter this relationship and take the role of a father or provider.

Family Portrait 2013

The Short film was funded by Microsoft Malaysia which takes a lighthearted look at how modern IT related technology have influenced a contemporary Chinese household in Malaysia.

Family Portrait 2009

Lance Bangs makes a film about contemporary culture in Los Angeles centered around Family Bookstore, Hope Gallery, The Smell, Cinefamily, and Ooga Booga.

Family Portrait 2004

A tragic look at an African-American family struggling to survive in ’60s-era Harlem, and its relationship with photojournalist (and later director) Gordon Parks.

Family Portrait 1951

In preparation for the celebration of the 1951 Festival of Britain, this short film was released to assure British citizens of their nation's place in the world and of their own places within that nation. Illustrative scenes of farming, science, political, and social life are juxtaposed to present a familiar and reassuring image of Britain.

A Family Portrait 2009

A family portrait session goes horribly wrong, as secrets and jealousy bubble to the surface under the photographer's watchful gaze.

Family Portrait Sittings

Using photographs, interviews, home movies, and footage shot in Philadelphia and abroad, Family Portrait Sittings tells the story of the filmmaker's family, from their origins in Italy to their life in the United States.

Family Portrait Sittings

Using photographs, interviews, home movies, and footage shot in Philadelphia and abroad, Family Portrait Sittings tells the story of the filmmaker's family, from their origins in Italy to their life in the United States.

The Munsters - Family Portrait 2008

It’s the frighteningly funny Munsters like you’ve never seen them before! For the firs time ever, the unforgettable “Family Portrait” comes to DVD in full color as well as the original black and white. Get ready for thrills, chills and laughs as the quirky Munsters sine the title of “The Average American Family,” but Grandpa jeopardizes their prize money.

Family Portrait in Black and White 2011

In a small Ukrainian town, Olga Nenya, raises 16 black orphans amidst a population of Slavic blue-eyed blondes. Their stories expose the harsh realities of growing up as a bi-racial child in Eastern Europe.

Peter Gabriel - Growing Up On Tour - A Family Portrait 2005

"Last year my father asked me to go on the road with him. As my sister was going along as his back-up singer and his wife Maebh, and my new baby brother Isaac, were also travelling with him, I decided to pick up my camera and go along. This is the Growing UP Tour 2002." - Anna Gabriel An inventive and intimate portrait of family life on the road during Peter Gabriel's recent Growing Up Tour; the highs, the lows, the sublime, the ridiculous, the fathers, sisters, brothers, band members and road crew, in short...The Family...captured and revealed like you've rarely ever seen before by the knowing eye of Anna Gabriel, a family member in every sense of the word.

Family Portraits: A Trilogy of America 2003

Three narratives ("Cutting Moments," "Home" and "Prologue") combine to create a shocking trilogy of modern American life, a portrait drawn with brushstrokes of hidden violence and disturbing cruelty. Directed by Douglas Buck, this unflinching film reveals what lies behind the drawn curtains of so-called "ordinary" households.

Guru, A Hijra Family

Set in a small town in the region of Tamil Nadu, in southern India, the film follows the days and works of a hijra family. Silky, Mahima, Trisha, Durga, Kuyili, Priyanka, Vasundhara and Yamuna, under the firm protection of their guru Lakshmi Ma, deliver snippets of their marginal but sovereign existence. From a millenia-old sacred tradition to getting by every second, "Guru" composes with them a poem of intertwined voices in which the world is a tough playground, where the third gender is primarily the resistance force of a life shared.

Intimate Portrait 1994

Intimate Portrait is a biographical television series on the Lifetime Television cable network focusing on different celebrities, which includes interviews with each subject. Among the people profiled were Grace Kelly, Natalie Wood, Carly Simon, Jackie Kennedy, Katharine Hepburn, Carol Burnett, Tanya Tucker, and Marla Maples.


Portrait is a Canadian musical variety television series which aired on CBC Television in 1965.

Le Portrait de Petite Cossette 2004

Eiri works at his uncle's antique shop, and one day stumbles across a glass. Upon touching the glass, he receives visions from what he finds out to be a girl, Cossette, haunting the glass. She's been searching for over 250 years for someone who could see her, and now she needs his help.

Portrait of Home

Portrait of Home is a Chinese language drama serial which was filmed for and broadcast on Singapore's MediaCorp Channel 8 in 2005. The show has 100 episodes telecast in two segments, the first with 60 episodes and the second with 40 episodes. Part 1 was aired from 16 May 2005 to 15 August 2005 while part 2 was aired from 11 October 2005 to 5 December 2005. It stars the award-winning veteran Hong Kong actress Louise Lee of A Kindred Spirit fame and Adrian Pang in his first appearance in a Mediacorp production

Portrait of Alison

Portrait of Alison was a 1955 British television series featuring Patrick Barr, Lockwood West, Anthony Nicholls and Brian Wilde. A crime-based thriller written by Francis Durbridge it aired in six half-hour episodes between February and March 1955.

American Presidents: Life Portraits

American Presidents: Life Portraits is a 41-episode, Peabody Award-winning series produced by C-SPAN in 1999. Each episode was aired live, and was a two- to three-hour look at the life and times of one particular President of the United States. Episodes were broadcast from locations of importance to the profiled president, featured interviews with historians and other experts, and incorporated calls from viewers. The series served as a commemoration of C-SPAN's 20th anniversary. The first program aired on March 15, 1999, and profiled George Washington. Subsequent programs featured each president in succession, concluding with Bill Clinton on December 20, 1999.

Star Portraits with Rolf Harris

Star Portraits with Rolf Harris was a BBC television series that has so far had three series, the most recent in March 2007. In it, three artists each paint a picture of a celebrity, and then the celebrity gets to choose to keep one of the paintings. It is presented by artist / television personality Rolf Harris.

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