Sauvage 2018

Leo is 22 and sells his body on the street for a bit of cash. The men come and go, and he stays right here... longing for love. He doesn’t know what the future will bring. He hits the road. His heart is pounding.

The Wild Child 1970

Director François Truffaut makes a rare on-screen appearance in one of his most unusual films. Based on a true story, the film follows the discovery of a feral child (Jean-Pierre Cargol) who's grown up wild in the forest in late-18th-century France. Truffaut plays Dr. Jean Itard, the deaf specialist who tries to civilize the boy, teaching him to walk, speak and read; the screenplay was adapted from Itard's writings.

Fantastic Planet 1973

Fantastic Planet tells the story of “Oms”, human-like creatures, kept as domesticated pets by an alien race of blue giants called “Draags”. The story takes place on the Draags’ planet Ygam, where we follow our narrator, an Om called Terr, from infancy to adulthood. He manages to escape enslavement from a Draag learning device used to educate the savage Oms — and begins to organise an Om revolt.

Lovers Like Us 1975

Caracas, Venezuela. Just after her engagement with Vittorio, Nelly runs away from him. As he pursued her, she looks for help to Martin, a French middle-aged man she met by accident. He helps her to escape and drives her to the airport and gives her a plane ticket to Paris. Then he thinks he can go back to his peaceful lonely life on his island. Of course, he is wrong and will be bothered again by Nelly...

Sauvage 2016

A homeless orphan, an animalistic little kid escapes the big city into the darkness of the woods. It’s there that this kid meets a creature mightier than ever imagined.

Wild Life 2014

The new film by French director Cédric Kahn focusses on Philippe Fournier, a man who lives with his 2 sons, having decided not to give them back to their mother after she won custody of the children. The children Okyesa and Tsali must grow up in the shadow, hunted by the police but always free and on the move.

Wild Innocence 2001

A movie director does a new film against heroin consumption, and the producers are heroin dealers.

Happy Camper 2004

Pierre-Louis Cinq-Mars is a successful stockbroker. Everything in his life is well-ordered -- stock investments, luxury car, the latest computer, stylish and tasteful clothes...well-ordered to the point of being utterly predictable. Jackie Pigeon, the owner of the Camping Pigeon campground, is a go-getter who always gets her way. She conducts her business with a sure hand and everything at the campground runs smoothly. Her life is the complete opposite of Pierre-Louis's -- she's rather messy, of modest means, wears flamboyant and sexy clothes...everything in her life hovers on the edge of bad taste. Two people from completely different worlds whose paths would not normally have been fated to cross.

Camping Sauvage 2005

Un camping au bord d'un lac pendant les vacances d'été. Camille, 17 ans, y traîne son ennui coincée entre ses parents et son petit ami. Elle rencontre Blaise, la quarantaine, tout juste embauché comme moniteur de voile. Camille et Blaise connaissent tous deux ce même mal de vivre qui les rapproche et les éloigne des autres. Mais leur complicité alimente la rumeur d'une liaison qui exaspère leur entourage et déchaîne les passions. Ils se lancent alors à corps perdus dans une dangereuse histoire d'amour...

The Savage Eye 1960

A journey through the dark side of 1950s urban life, this drama takes the form of a story told using documentary material as an intrinsic part of the narrative.

White Mane 1953

In the south of France, in a vast plain region called the Camargue, lives White Mane, a magnificent stallion and the leader of a herd of wild horses too proud to let themselves be broken by humans. Only Folco, a young fisherman, manages to tame him. A strong friendship grows between the boy and the horse, as the two go looking for the freedom that the world of men won’t allow them.

The Wild One 1953

A gang of forty motorcyclists, the Black Rebels Motorcycle Club, gate-crash a legitimate motorcycle race. They are eventually thrown out, but one of the gang steals the second prize trophy and gives it to their leader, Johnny.

Brutes and Savages 1978

Fascinated by forbidden rituals and ceremonies, world explorer Arthur Davis takes a crew with hidden cameras to Africa and South America to secretly record the beauty and horror of the "law of the jungle". BRUTES AND SAVAGES is the filmed document of his death-defying adventures. Shocking, brutal and repulsive, this film mixes bizarre authentic footage with incredibly exploitive (and often hilarious) "re-enactments" of his findings. Animal sacrifices, bizarre tribal ceremonies, mating rituals and even brain surgery.

L'état sauvage 1978

L'Etat Sauvage is based on the novel by Georges Conchon which won the highly esteemed Prix de Goncourt. The story chronicles the mindless racism of both the departing French colonial overlords and the emergent black Africans in a newly emerging African state. Laurence (Marie-Christine Barrault) suffers the outrage of her white acquaintances, including her former lover Gravenoir (Claude Brasseur) and her ex-husband Avit (Jacques Dutronc), for her affair with Patrice Doumbe (Doura Mane), an official in the new government. He in turn is ridiculed by his fellow cabinet ministers for stepping out with a white woman. The vilification escalates to such a point that Patrice is brutally murdered, and Laurence barely escapes the country alive, with the help of her ex-husband Avit.

Wild Down Under 2003

Wild Down Under is a BBC nature documentary series exploring the natural history of the Australasian continent, first transmitted in the UK on BBC Two in September 2003. It was broadcast in Australia under the title Wild Australasia in February 2004. Each of the six episodes features a particular environment and, using a combination of aerial photography and traditional wildlife footage, reveals how physical forces and human activity have transformed Australasia from a lush green wilderness into an increasingly dry and harsh continent, troubled by unpredictable weather but still home to a huge array of creatures found nowhere else on Earth.. Wild Down Under was co-produced by the BBC Natural History Unit, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and Animal Planet. The series was produced for the BBC by Neil Nightingale and executive-produced for ABC by Dione Gilmour. The music was composed by Adrian Johnston and performed by the BBC Concert Orchestra. The series was narrated by Australian actor Matt Day. The series forms part of the Natural History Unit's Continents strand. It was preceded by Wild New World in 2002 and followed by Europe: A Natural History in 2005.

Running Wild with Bear Grylls 2014

Running Wild with Bear Grylls, the survivalist takes one celebrity into the most remote locations in the U.S. and around the world for a 48-hour journey of a lifetime. From skydiving into the Catskill Mountains, to rappelling down the cliffs of Utah and battling torrential wind and rain in Scotland, Grylls and each celebrity will have to push both their minds and bodies to the limit to successfully complete their journey.

Africa 2013

Africa, the world's wildest continent. David Attenborough takes us on an awe-inspiring journey through one of the most diverse places in the world. We visit deserts, savannas, and jungles and meet up with some of Africa's amazing wildlife.

Wild China 2008

The dazzling array of mysterious and wonderful creatures that live in China's most beautiful landscapes.

Complete Savages 2004

Complete Savages is an American sitcom that was broadcast on ABC from September 2004 to June 2005. It was part of ABC's final TGIF comedy line-up. The show was created by Mike Scully and Julie Thacker and executive produced by Mel Gibson. It was cancelled after its first season due to low ratings.

The Wonderful Adventures of Nils 1980

The Wonderful Adventures of Nils is an anime adaptation of the novel The Wonderful Adventures of Nils by the Swedish author Selma Lagerlöf. The 52 episode series ran on the Japanese network NHK from January 1980 to March 1981. The series was the very first production by Studio Pierrot. The anime was mostly fairly true to the original, apart from the appearance of Nils' pet hamster, and the greater role allowed to the fox Smirre. The music was written by Czech composer Karel Svoboda. The anime was also broadcast in Canada, France, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Iceland Belgium, Greece, Bulgaria, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, in the Arab World, Spain, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Israel, Turkey, Italy, Hong Kong, Mainland China, South Africa, and Albania, but in some countries it was cut to allow for commercials. In Germany, the animated series episodes were also combined into one full feature animated movie in 1981; the same release has also been dubbed and released in Estonia on DVD and VHS.

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