All the Mornings of the World 1991

It's late 17th century. The viola da gamba player Monsieur de Sainte Colombe comes home to find that his wife died while he was away. In his grief he builds a small house in his garden into wich he moves to dedicate his life to music and his two young daughters Madeleine and Toinette, avoiding the outside world. Rumor about him and his music is widespread, and even reaches to the court of Louis XIV, who wants him at his court in Lully's orchestra, but Monsieur de Sainte Colombe refuses. One day a young man, Marin Marais, comes to see him with a request, he wants to be taught how to play the viol.

The Angel and the Lyre 1944

Achim and Vera are friends and live an uncomplicated and happy life .... that is, until they get into their first serious argument on how they should spend New Years' Eve. Vera wants to celebrate with friends, while Achim wants to go off to a lonely mountain hut. And so, he goes off alone into the mountains. In the hut, he meets the student Susanne, with whom he spends New Years' Eve; gets to know well; and falls in love with. Unfortunately, through misfortune, they lose sight of each other afterwards. They didn't even bother to exchange names and addresses! And so, with Craigslist not yet in existence, it seems very unlikely they'll ever see one another again.

A Late Quartet 2012

When the beloved cellist of a world-renowned string quartet is diagnosed with a life threatening illness, the group’s future suddenly hangs in the balance as suppressed emotions, competing egos and uncontrollable passions threaten to derail years of friendship and collaboration. As they are about to play their 25th anniversary concert — quite possibly their last — only their intimate bond and the power of music can preserve their legacy.

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