The Directive 2018

The Amateur Soccer Referees Federation has a new directive. They receive a bankrupt organization and a headquarters in precarious conditions, and although they have already aged, they will work collectively to reinvent themselves.

The Janson Directive 2019

Former Navy SEAL and prisoner of war, Paul Janson, works as a corporate security consultant, but when an assignment to rescue a VIP goes wrong, he's forced to go on the run.

The Sixth Directive and Other Tales 2003

Three bondage vignettes concerning time travel, foreign princesses with bizarre customs and women who hate bondage but get tied and gagged anyway.

RoboCop: Prime Directives 2001

Thirteen years after the original Robocop, Delta City, considered to be "The Safest Place On Earth!", has become a futuristic city owned and operated by OCP, and RoboCop, Alex Murphy has begun to feel his age. Murphy finds himself nearly obsolete, and must deal with the fact that his now-grown son James is an OCP executive, unaware that his father is still alive. Also, Murphy's former partner, John Cable, has returned to Delta City as its new Security Commander. But slowly, new enemies arise, and Murphy and Cable begin an investigation into a mysterious villain known as the Bone Machine, unaware that they are coming dangerously close to exposing an evil group of OCP executives known as The Trust... which James Murphy is a part of. Desperate to prevent their sinister plans from being revealed, The Trust programs Murphy to kill John Cable...

Godzilla vs. Gigan 1972

Godzilla's 12th film. After a accepting a job at a monster-themed park, a man learns his new employers are actually aliens who plan to use Ghidorah and Gigan to destroy earth. Godzilla and Anguirus must battle them to defend earth.

Robocop: Prime Directives 2001

RoboCop: Prime Directives is a TV miniseries released in 2001 spun off from the science fiction action film RoboCop franchise. The series consists of four feature-length episodes: Dark Justice, Meltdown, Resurrection, and Crash and Burn. All four episodes have been released on DVD.

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