Robin Sörbom

Robin Sörbom
Robin Sörbom was born in a small town called Nybro in southern Sweden. He grew up with a guitar playing father and started playing guitar in a very early age. As a 13-year old he wrote his first song but it wasn't until five years later he took the step. At is 18th birthday his debut album "Skymningsljus" (Light of dawn) was released and a year after came "På färd" (On the road). He also started out early in local theater productions and worked on "Glasriddarna" (Knights of glass) as a 13-year old, soon he started writing manuscripts, producing, directing and acting. As a 21-year old he decided to make movies and started his career with his own short/novel film "Ingen natt och ingen dag" (No more nights and no more days) Today he runs two local theater-groups and has now started the independent film company Laterna Magica and he is planning a third music album.
Name Robin Sörbom
Also Known As
Birthday 1992-03-28
Gender Male
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Place of Birth Nybro, Kalmar län, Sweden